We like to use products that we know are made well and will last a long time. Hartson-Kennedy makes stunning laminate countertops out of Formica and Wilsonart that stand the test of time.


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Wood countertops add a lot of warmth and color to a home. Ask us how butcherblock countertops compare to the other options!


Solid surface countertops are a great option if you like to not see seams, have an integrated sink, and want to set hot stuff on them (Swan only). available!


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Quartz countertops are man made but are evolving all the time becoming more and more authentic looking.


There is nothing as beautiful as a granite countertop, naturally mined from the earth! Come to our showroom or a local granite shop to browse the different colors available!


We custom build porcelain tile countertops on site. We use Schluter Systems products to guarantee the substrate can handle some movement from the house without cracking the tile. We use epoxy grout on these tops to make sure the grout is stain resistant and can hold up to heat. Set your hot pan on these, they can handle it!